• Summer Intern (typically for 3 months in the summer) [Not available]
  • Junior Research Fellow (JRF) - for at least six months typically [Open]

JRF position

  • Funded by SERB project entitled "Compiling PolyMage for Emerging Parallel Architectures" (2017-2020): research and development areas spanned by this project include FPGA acceleration; automatic parallelization; programming, compilation and runtimes for emerging multicore architectures including heterogeneous parallel architectures and accelerators with an emphais on scientific domains including image processing pipelines, dense linear algebra computations, and deep neural network computations. Expertise with programming multicore processors or FPGAs, parallelization, performance optimization and modeling, and performance debugging are highly desirable.

    Requisite Qualifications: Graduate degree in professional courses with NET/GATE or Postgraduate degree in professional courses.


To apply, please send an email to udayb@iisc.ac.in and arkapravab@iisc.ac.in with subject "MCL JRF" or
"MCL Summer Intern" (depending on the position of interest) and include:
  • your detailed CV
  • dates / period for which you will be available if offered a position
  • preference (if any) between the listed projects
Application deadline for summer internship
  • Apr 15 of each year
No deadline for JRF application

Generic emails or those without a subject as mentioned above are not likely to be considered.