Available Positions

  • Summer Intern (typically for 3 months in the summer) [Open]
  • Project Assistant/Associate (for at least six months typically) [Open]


  • Integrating libpluto and state-of-the-art automatic parallelization techniques into LLVM/Polly
  • Research and development on PolyMage
  • Distributed-memory code generation support in Pluto, PolyMage
  • FPGA acceleration for specific classes of computations


All of the above positions require specialized knowledge in parallelization and cache locality optimization, and in high-performance computing, compiler optimizations, and programming systems in general. Background in these areas is necessary. The advertised positions are typically either for students close to finishing their Bachelors' in CS or those who have recently finished, and are looking for exposure to academic research. We do not have any positions for periods less than three months.


To apply, please send an email to udayb@iisc.ac.in with subject "MCL Project Assistant" or
"MCL Summer Intern" and include:
  • your detailed CV
  • position you wish to apply for (Summer Intern or Research Associate/Assistant)
  • dates / period for which you will be available if offered a position
  • preference (if any) between the listed projects
Application deadline for summer internship
  • Apr 15 of each year
Generic emails or those without a subject as mentioned above are likely to be ignored.